How to Choose the Right Length for Your Dress

Deciding what veil to wear is a major moment in creating your overall wedding day look. With wedding veil styles ranging from a face-framing 4" to a floor-skimming 120", many brides are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. "
But the decision isn't as simple as choosing a long or short veil. Different types of veils and lengths can completely transform your wedding style. While a blusher may convey a retro-chic vibe, a cathedral-length veil feels traditional and so dramatic. If you're wondering how to pick a veil, look no further: We've compiled the ultimate guide to wedding veil styles, complete with expert tips from bridal stylists.

Elbow Wedding Veil: 28 inches (70 cm)
Elbow length veils are approximately 28 inches (70 cm) long, this veil falls to around the elbow, it could be wore as a blusher. It is a great option for brides who want traditional-looking veil that doesn't compete with the details of their dress. If you want a more conservative look for your ceremony, an elbow-length veil is an elegant way to cover-up without wearing a bulky bolero or shrug. An elbow veil falls gracefully over the shoulders to the bride's.

Fingertip Wedding Veil: 39 inches (100 cm)
Fingertip length veils are one of the most popular lengths, when you stretch your arm out it reaches around your fingertips. It also suit the majority of dress styles. A fingertip veil falls beyond the bride's hips and is a popular choice because it allows any design on the back of a bride's gown to be seen through the sheer fabric.

Knee Wedding Veil: 50 inches (127 cm)
Knee length veils can reach to around your knees. Designed to fall at your knee, this wedding veil length offers drama and elegance without weighing you down. The veil can be adjusted to fall a little longer or a little shorter to fall just at your knee, depending on your height.

Waltz Wedding Veil: 55 inches (140 cm)
Waltz length veils can reach to around your ankle. You should select a finish that works with the style of your dress. If your dress is quite simple, you might like to choose a more decorative edge.

Chapel Wedding Veil: 90 inches (229cm)
Opting to forgo a train? A chapel-length veil will create the illusion of a train, without any pesky bustling required. A chapel-length veil sweeps across the floor extending slightly beyond the bride's gown. A chapel veil is great for a beach wedding when you want the veil flowing in the wind but not to be too cumbersome.

Cathedral Wedding Veil: 118 inches (300cm)
For the most regal entrance, you must have a cathedral-length veil. A cathedral-length veil extends beyond the train of the bride's gown and is the most dramatic down-the-aisle length. A cathedral creates a dramatic, ethereal look."