Clothing return regulations: There are special agreements that can be returned without reason. In general, quality problems are required before returning.

Exchange range:

1: Within seven days after purchase, the size of the uncut, unpassed, unwashed clothing of the elevator may be replaced.

2: When the package is opened, it is found that the garment is severely opened, deformed, unevenly dyed, and has obvious damage and oil stains.

3: Within seven days after purchase, the first normal washing will find that the garment is seriously discolored and deformed, and can be exchanged after confirmation.

No replacement range:

1: If the consumer passes through and washes, the product has no obvious quality problems and is not replaced;

2: The dirt caused by the consumers themselves is not replaced;

3: There is no replacement by the consumer to cause dyeing, discoloration and deformation;

4: Products outside the specified date are not exchanged