BEAUTELICATE Wedding Bridal Veil Drop Veil With Long Blusher 1Tier Sheer Illusion Veil With Comb Cathedral Length 118'' Width Ivory White V130

  • ✦ CATHEDRAL LENGTH --- The simple veil is demarcated by a comb that is 150cm forward and 260cm backward. The width of the veil is 3m.
  • ✦ CREATE CLASSIC STYLE --- The tulle in front of the comb hangs backwards. As a traditional 2-tier veil hanging behind you, it's fluffy and flows down your back in an enticing way. It's simple silhouette, lends itself to decorative jewels, flowers, and halos.
  • ✦ CREATE DROP STYLE ---The tulle in front of the comb acts as a blusher veil to drape over the face. It is a very soft, dreamy and romantic look that is equally modern.
  • ✦ EDGE --- Round Raw Cut Edge. A cut edge veil suits any dress as it just disappears into the design.
  • ✦ COLOR --- Available in Ivory and White. Do not worry too much about matching the color of your veil to wedding dress as long as the shades are close, they will blend nicely together.
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