Womens Half Slip 100% Cotton Vintage Underskirt in 5 Lengths White Black Ivory-P23

  • 【This half slip is 100% cotton】--Cool in summer and warm in winter; it won't cling to your legs like nylon;cotton material is comfortable and safe, it is suitable for people with allergies.Not see-through, not too thick, not too thin, and great cut so not too wide and not too tight
  • 【Can be used as a half slip or as an extender skirt】--Match your outfits by moving the skirt extender up and down to create different effects;It is great for hippie skirts, sundresses,A-line skirts, fluffy dresses, maxi dresses, crocheted skirts, but this half slip is a little full and not suitable for tight skirts
  • 【This cotton slip is suitable for little girls, young ladies, middle-aged women, and the elderly, or obese women】--It prevents you from being see-through outdoors.Also avoid sweating and doesn't cling to your legs during your hot summer
  • 【The waist is a wide-brimmed elastic band 】--That makes your waist easy. Size S FITS US SIZE (2-8) accommodates waist measurements from 25" relax to 28.5" stretched. Size M FITS US SIZE (10-12) accommodates waist measurements from 28" relax to 31.5" stretched. Size L FITS US SIZE (14-16) accommodates waist measurements from 31" relax to 35" stretched.The length of our cotton skirt slip is available in 5 different length ( 16” 20” 24” 28” 32”)Color:White/Black/Ivory
  • 【Care guide】--Because it is made of pure cotton (the most original material for your skin), please try to wash it with cold water.Washing with a softener will make the slip more soft.Be careful not to dry it with machine or wring it out.If there are wrinkles (inevitable) you can steam or iron.

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