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  • AVALIABLE SHAPE & SIZE --- Infinity shape.Length:31.1inches(Approx.79cm);Width:21.6inches(Approx.55cm)
  • LIGHT & SOFT FABRIC --- Beautiful, Lovely and very soft embroidered lace Morning glory pattern in soft floral lace has a slight stretch for ease in draping. Fabric is light and soft. Scalloped edge has a lovely detail, complete with a floral design! Small flowers are scattered over the back of the veil.
  • APPLICABLE OCCASIONS & Free Clips In Place --- This versatile delicate mantilla can be functioned as a veil or head cover during Mass praying to God and bless,which can also be used outside the church,such us parties.
  • PERFECT WEARING --- Head covers can be used as a Veil, SCARF, SHAWL or ACCESSORY to match a fancy dress during a formal or semi-formal or dress-up occasion.It goes well with Scarf Veil, Catholic Veil and Church Veils.Wear as scarf, and simply slip up to cover head.
  • CARE & WASHING --- Only hand wash.To keep the beauty of your Veil, HAND WASH with Cold water and Mild soap. Lay flat to dry and low iron if needed.

BEAUTELICATE is a brand that is registered in the United States and European Union. Having been in manufacturing clothing and accessories for girls and women, we have our own professional and experienced Research & Development Department. New products with diligent design and superior quality will be released every season. When buying BEAUTELICATE products you will get excellent quality and best services.

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  • Available in two Colors : Off White .
  • Size & Shape : Infinity shape.Length:31.1inches(Approx.79cm);Width:21.6inches(Approx.55cm)
  • Material : Embroidered Lace,Soft & light-weighted tulle,Coming with two free fixed clips in place.
  • Washing Tips: HAND WASH with Cold water and Mild soap. Lay flat to dry and low iron.
  • Perfect Wearing :Head covers can be used as a Veil, SCARF, SHAWL or ACCESSORY to match a fancy dress during a formal or semi-formal or dress-up occasion.


The use of a Veil in church has many purposes. This simple act glorifies the beauty of God instead of that of the woman’s physical being. It also mirrors the humility and purity of Mama Mary. Wearing a Mantilla also represents the women’s role as a life-bearing vessel. Though it is no longer a requirement to cover one’s head during the Mass, it is encouraged by the Church as a symbol of our devotion, adoration, and respect before our God.



HANG: Upon receiving your veil, using THE clip (For long drop veils, keep the veil laying flat or draped over a hanger with as few folds as possible). If your wedding is soon approaching (less than a month or two) keep the veil hanging so that the folds, wrinkles,or creases from shipping may fall out of the material. The longer it hangs, the more the wrinkles will naturally fall out. We suggest protecting your veil from dust by placing it inside a Protective Garment Bag, or by gently covering it with a cotton pillowcase or sheet (you'll need to cut a small hole in the center for the hanger to come through).

Steam : To soften up the veil after shipping, and for hard to remove wrinkles: Veils may be steamed with a home steamer or by a professional (make sure to caution of any embellishments- these will be fine- they just need a little extra care by letting the veil completely cool before shaking or moving too much). Or you may even wish to hang your veil in the bathroom while running a hot steamy shower.

Steam is the best way to remove wrinkles and soften the veil!Let the veil completely cool before moving it.

DO NOT IRON! Although veil material can be ironed on a very low setting - we recommend do not iron. If the iron is too hot it will melt the material upon first touch.

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