Cathedral Wedding Long Bridal Veil with Comb Blush 3 Tiers Cut Edge Ivory White-V61

  • EDGE: Cut Edge.
  • MATERIAL: 3 Tiers Soft Italian Tulle.
  • COLOR: Available in Ivory and White. Color may vary depending on your screen.
  • LENGTH & FULLNESS: Veil Length: 1st tier 27"(Approx.70cm), 2nd tier 118"(Approx.300cm), 3rd tier 118"(Approx.300cm); Fullness: 57"(Approx.145cm).
  • READY TO WEAR: Hand Sewn on Flexible Metal Wire Comb. To Care for Your Veil, Hang and Steam.

BEAUELICATE is a brand that is registered in the United States and European Union. Having been in manufacturing clothing and accessories for girls and women, we have our own professional and experienced Research & Development Department. New styles with diligent design and superior quality will be released every season. When buying BEAUTELICATE products,you will get excellent quality and best services.

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The material of our bridal veil is made of 3 Tier Super Soft light-weighted Italian tulle, making every bride look very beautiful and elegant! A perfect cathedral length of this wedding veil is 3 meters long, which is plenty long to satisfy your wish for a special occasion when your grand wedding day comes. The wire comb works well in keeping the veil in place safely so that the veil can’t fall out of your hair easily.


Compared with other veils, many people are beyond in love with cathedral veil because of the unique minds. The shortest veil on the first layer is specially designed for covering the bride’s blusher face plus Two-layer long floor length veil following after a wedding dress. The veil is a great deal and would look great in pictures.

Great quality ! The veil is so unbelievably inexpensive and the quality is very high. 200% recommend! Better than the Bridal Shops! Perfect veil on a budget! You are worth for it.Words can't describe how much you will love this well-made veil. It’s perfect for you to use this simple, chic and good quality veil for photo shoot or at your wedding party. You will be surprised by it. Just look at how amazing it looks in the picture! Believe me you will receive so many compliments on it!



HANG: Upon receiving your veil, carefully unfold it and HANG from the center of the comb by clipping the comb on a hanger, using THE clip. If your wedding is soon approaching, keep the veil hanging so that the folds, wrinkles or creases from shipping may fall out of the material. The longer it hangs, the more the wrinkles will naturally fall out. We suggest protecting your veil from dust by placing it inside a Protective Garment Bag or by gently covering it with a cotton pillowcase or sheet.

STEAM: To soften up the veil after shipping, and for hard to remove wrinkles: Veils may be steamed with a home steamer or by a professional. Or you may even wish to hang your veil in the bathroom while running a hot steamy shower.

Steam is the best way to remove wrinkles and soften the veil! Let the veil completely cool before moving it.


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